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  1. Project Update
  2. SAT: I solved one!
  3. SAT@Home: New solution
  4. SAT@Home: New experiment
  5. SAT@Home: New server application
  6. SAT@Home: New section, new solution
  7. SAT@Home: ISDCT SB RAS - member of IDGF
  8. SAT@Home: New solution
  9. SAT@Home: New solution
  10. SAT@Home: New solution
  11. SAT@Home: New solution
  12. SAT@Home: New paper, Additional solution
  13. SAT@Home: New solution
  14. SAT@Home: New solution
  15. SAT@Home: New solution
  16. SAT@Home: New solution
  17. SAT@Home: New version of application. New experiment
  18. SAT@Home: SAT@home in Euro Crunch 2012. Post in Science Springs
  19. SAT@Home: SAT@home in Euro Crunch 2012. Post in Science Springs
  20. SAT@Home: Conference Grid'2012 in Dubna
  21. SAT@Home: New solutions in current experiment
  22. SAT@Home: Countries and total hosts staticstics
  23. SAT@Home: New experiment - diag10_2
  24. SAT@Home: Report at Sibecrypt'2012
  25. SAT@Home: Diagrams with countries staticstics
  26. SAT@Home: Version 3.01 released
  27. SAT@Home: New server
  28. SAT@Home: Page with research progress
  29. SAT@Home: Report at PACO'2012
  30. SAT@Home: Challenge 'Happy 'baker's dozen'
  31. SAT@Home: First solution in new experiment
  32. SAT@Home: Second solution in the new experiment
  33. SAT@Home: Historical maximum of performance
  34. SAT@Home: Paper in materials of PACO'2012 conference
  35. SAT@Home: Version 3.02 of application
  36. SAT@Home: Oleg Zaikin received President of Russian Federation grant
  37. SAT@Home: Paper in
  38. SAT@Home: Three new solutions in the new experiment
  39. SAT@Home: 2 new papers about searching decompisitions for SAT@home
  40. SAT@Home: Challenge 'On halfway'
  41. SAT@Home: 5 new solutions in the current experiment
  42. SAT@Home: 3 new solutions
  43. SAT@Home: Challenge '80 por ciento pasaron. Primero en llegar a 100'
  44. SAT@Home: SAT@home - candidate for BOINC Pentathlon
  45. SAT@Home: Experiment aimed at finding triple of MOLS will be launched soon.
  46. SAT@Home: New application. Version for windows_x86_x64.
  47. SAT@Home: Experiment aimed at finding triple of MOLS was launched.
  48. SAT@Home: Progress bar for new experiment.
  49. SAT@Home: Version 3.12 released. Progress-bar updated
  50. SAT@Home:
  51. SAT@Home: SAT@home at SAT-2013 conference
  52. SAT@Home: New maximum of performance
  53. SAT@Home: Version 3.14 released
  54. SAT@Home: Version 3.15 released
  55. SAT@Home: Bug in 3.15 was found. Bugfix version 3.16 released
  56. SAT@Home: New paper about searching decompositions for SAT@home
  57. SAT@Home: 4 new solutions in the experiment for diagonal Latin squares
  58. SAT@Home: Last WUs from diag10_2 were processed
  59. SAT@Home: New maximum of performance during challenge
  60. SAT@Home: Version 3.17 released
  61. SAT@Home: Reports about SAT@home on BOINC:FAST conference
  62. SAT@Home: Version 3.18 released
  63. SAT@Home: Results of the current experiment were posted
  64. SAT@Home: Publication of source code
  65. SAT@Home: Status beta
  66. SAT@Home: Waiting for a new experiment
  67. SAT@Home: New experiment - weakened Bivium
  68. Credit's revamped at SAT
  69. No SAT, no operator, no space on disk.