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  1. number of unvalidated results climbing
  2. Slow workunits solved
  3. downtime
  4. back up
  5. scheduler update
  6. Milky Way credits - Great the past two days
  7. Team Focus Project - MilkyWay@Home
  8. extra credits
  9. updated the server side daemons to deal with the credit issue
  10. Milkyway: an update on the credit issue
  11. Can't seem to get MW set as backup project. Help?
  12. Milkyway: corrupted disk
  13. Milkyway: stopping work generation temporarily
  14. Milkyway: more disk problems
  15. Milkyway: work generation back on
  16. Milkyway: disk replacement and some slides
  17. Milkyway: OpenCL for Nvidia available for testing
  18. MW with Dual GPUs - need Opti app still?
  19. Milkyway: Updated separation to 0.50
  20. Computation error
  21. Milkyway: Update Nvidia drivers
  22. Milkyway: project back up
  23. Milkyway: assimilator back up
  24. So what the blazes is up with MW?
  25. Milkyway: bypassing server set cache limits
  26. Got another running
  27. Falling behind
  28. Problem with MW
  29. cmd line settings in MW
  30. Milkyway: a few drive errors
  31. Milkyway: Nvidia OpenCL updated
  32. MW apps messing up for anyone else?
  33. Milkyway: Issues with the Milkyway@home Support Server
  34. Check your machines
  35. Milkyway: N-body updated to 0.40
  36. Milkyway: Milkyway@Home for iPhone / iOS released
  37. WTG Team SETI.USA
  38. Milkyway: Server updated
  39. MW N-body updated to 0.40
  40. Milkyway: taking the assimilator/validator down for a bit
  41. Milkyway: work generation again
  42. w00t! MW is back online!
  43. Opti App Working with Win 7 64?
  44. Milkyway: reducing max_wus_in_progress
  45. Milkyway: bad news
  46. Milkyway: some progress
  47. Milkyway: Old ATI applications deprecated
  48. Milkyway: an update
  49. Milkyway: and a little payback
  50. Milkyway: sending out workunits
  51. Milkyway: ATI application (v0.57) should be available now
  52. Milkyway: another update
  53. Milkyway: sending out some more workunits
  54. MW Work
  55. Milkyway: ATI application updated again
  56. Milkyway: increased WU limits
  57. Milkyway: ATI application updated to 0.60
  58. Is anyone running 2 WUs anymore?
  59. Milk is down..
  60. Milkyway: server being moved
  61. Milkyway: Server back up
  62. Sluggish Response Times
  63. Milkyway: testing new credit policy on nbody workunits
  64. MW and Nvidia
  65. Milkyway: animation of the n-body simulations
  66. Milkyway: n-body workunits with maximum time elapsed
  67. Milkyway: fix to the invalid workunit problem
  68. Milkyway: fix to the invalid workunit problem
  69. Milkyway: maximum time limit elapsed bug
  70. Milkyway: another change for the maximum time limit elapsed bug
  71. MW: 2 WUs when in Crossfire?
  72. Milkyway: more maximum time limit elapsed bug stuff
  73. Milkyway: another attempt at the max time limit elapsed fix
  74. Milkyway: trying another fix for maximum time elapsed bug
  75. Milkyway: testing a new search 'ps_test_1'
  76. Milkyway: Outage
  77. Milkyway: another outage this week
  78. Milkyway: Separation updated to 0.80
  79. Milkyway: Separation updated to 0.82
  80. Milkyway: Nbody updated to 0.60
  81. Milkyway: maximum time limit elapsed bug
  82. Milkyway: Any remaining major credit or application problems?
  83. Milkyway: fix for old clients being awarded 0 credit for nbody workunits
  84. Milkyway: Added FreeBSD applications
  85. Milkyway: started some new searches
  86. Milkyway: started a ps nbody search
  87. Milkyway: ps_separation_17_test
  88. What am I missing?
  89. Milkyway: Recent Outage
  90. Milkyway: DOUBLE CREDITS Fundraiser - Request for Funding for MilkyWay@home
  91. ati 4870 failing immediately
  93. Milkyway: Make-Up Credits to Run Wednesday and Thursday
  94. Milk Problems
  95. Milkyway: back up (hopefully)
  96. Milkyway: maximum time limit exceeded bug
  97. Milkyway: Assimilators Down
  98. Milkyway: 8/8/2011-Monday Update
  99. Milkyway: Happy Wednesday!
  100. Milkyway: Happy Friday!!!
  101. Milkyway: Settling at UND
  102. So are we giving up on our 1st place
  103. MW reset and Settings Changed, Beware
  104. Milkyway: Server Components Down
  105. Milkyway: Server Components Restored
  106. Milkyway: upgrading assimilator and validator
  107. Milkyway: upgrading assimilator/validator update
  108. Milkyway: We're back! (somewhat)
  109. Milkyway: feel free to cancel any in progress WUs
  110. Milkyway: sending out work again
  111. Milkyway: Making Milkyway@home Better
  112. I keep seeing this in Milkyway when I look at my tasks
  113. Milkyway: fixed the problem with no new work
  114. Milkyway: milkyway back up
  115. Milkyway: server issues
  116. Milkyway: server back up
  117. MW WUs not using all of GPU power?
  118. ps_separation_xx_xx_free errors
  119. Milkyway: Separation Status and New Runs
  120. MW down?
  121. Anyone know when mw will be back up?
  122. Milkyway: Recent Problems with the Database
  123. Milkyway: Milkyway@home back up
  124. Milkyway: New Server
  125. Milkyway: N-body updated to 0.80
  126. Milkyway: Moving to a new server
  127. Milkyway: New server test post
  128. Milkyway: New server test post
  129. Milkyway: Raised GPU work limits
  130. Milkyway: Remainder of the Double Credits: A Valentine's Day Present
  131. Milkyway: Separation updated to 1.00
  132. MW: multiple tasks per GPU & app_info?
  133. Milkyway: Makeup Double Credits Now Running
  134. Milkyway: Make Up Double Credits Has Now Ended
  135. Milkyway: New Separation Runs
  136. Higher CPU Usage
  137. Milkyway: New Nbody Run
  138. Milkyway: Work Stoppage
  139. Milkyway: UPDATE: Work Stoppage Remedied
  140. Milkyway: New Separation Runs
  141. Milkyway: N-body screensaver available for testing
  142. Milkyway: updating server daemons
  143. Milkyway: nbody workunit credit
  144. Milkyway: testing work generation with 'ps_separation_14_2s_null_3'
  145. Milkyway: server outage
  146. Milkyway: Power Outages this Week
  147. Milkyway: work should be flowing now
  148. Milkyway: started a new search 'ps_separation_14_2s_05_3_test_1'
  149. Milkyway: Progress Report
  150. Milkyway: Maintenance Outage Today
  151. Milkyway: Milkyway@home Maintanence Downtime
  152. Milkyway: testing some new searches today
  153. Milkyway: started a new search called 'ps_separation_10_2s_sample_2'
  154. Milkyway: started a test nbody search 'ps_nbody_100K_Plum_EMD'
  155. Milkyway: issues with workunits crashing might be fixed now and nbody work generation
  156. Milkyway: New NBody test searches
  157. Milkyway: Plot Progression!
  158. nVidia seen as ATI...?
  159. Milkyway: NBody Update and New Runs
  160. Milkyway: A Brief Introduction
  161. Milkyway: New Run Beginning
  162. Milkyway: New Run Beginning
  163. Milkyway: Testing new runs and server code
  164. Milkyway: testing a run 'de_separation_09_2s_sample_3' let me know if there are any c
  165. Milkyway: another test run 'de_separation_22_3s_edge_1'
  166. Milkyway: New searches _edge_2 and _free_2
  167. Milkyway: might have found the error
  168. Milkyway: Apology for recent bad batches of workunits
  169. 5970 hanging on MW
  170. Milkyway: started some new searches and updated the error limits
  171. Milkyway: New(er) Searches
  172. Milkyway: Updated max errors to 2
  173. Milkyway: N_body
  174. Milkyway: Stopped the nbody search
  175. Milkyway: Nbody Errors and Introduction
  176. Milkyway: New Separation (Stream Fit) Runs
  177. Milkyway: Nobdy Release 1.02
  178. Milkyway: 12/6-Validator is down
  179. Milkyway: validator back up
  180. "Before The World Ends" MilkyWay@home Challenge Starts 2012-12-14 10:00 UTC
  181. Milkyway: updates to server daemons
  182. Milkyway: Nbody 1.04
  183. Milkyway: New N-Body Runs
  184. Milkyway: New Stream Fit (Separation) Runs
  185. Milkyway: Stopped N-Body Runs
  186. Milkyway: Nbody 1.06
  187. Milkyway: New N-Body
  188. Milkyway: 1.06 Errors with Windows Clients
  189. Milkyway: New N-Body Release
  190. Milkyway: New Separation Runs
  191. Milkyway: The Updated Science Page is Up!
  192. Milkyway: New Separation Runs Started
  193. Problem with 7.0.54
  194. Milkyway: N-Body 1.08
  195. Milkyway: New Separation Runs Started
  196. Milkyway: New Separation Runs Started
  197. Milkyway: New Separation Runs Started
  198. Milkyway: Separation Runs Started
  199. Milkyway: Separation Run Started - ps_p_79_3s_dr8_4
  200. Milkyway: New Separation Run Started - ps_p_80_3s_dr8_4
  201. Milkyway: New Separation Runs
  202. Milkyway: Milkyway@home paper Accepted for Publication!
  203. Milkyway: Separation Runs ps_p_82_1s_dr8_4 and de_p_82_1s_dr8_4 Started
  204. Milkyway: Separation Run Started ps_separation_81_3s_dr8_8
  205. Milkyway: New Separation Runs
  206. Milkyway: New Separation Run
  207. Milkyway: New Separation Runs
  208. Milkyway: New YouTube Channel
  209. Milkyway: New Runs for Separation search
  210. Milkyway: New Separation Runs Stared
  211. Milkyway: New Separation Runs Started
  212. Milkyway: New Separation Runs Started
  213. Milkyway: Stream Fit Validator is Currently Down
  214. Milkyway: N-Body 1.10
  215. Milkyway: N-Body 1.14
  216. Milkyway: New Separation Runs 79_DR8_rev_3
  217. Milkyway: N-Body 1.18
  218. Milkyway: updating BOINC daemons tonight
  219. Milkyway: BOINC updated to most recent git branch
  220. Milkyway: changes finished
  221. Milkyway: potential fix for bad applications being sent out
  222. Milkyway: What users aren't getting GPU workunits?
  223. Milkyway: added applications for ati only GPUs
  224. Milkyway: scheduler update
  225. Milkyway: yet another scheduler update
  226. Milkyway: another scheduler update
  227. Milkyway: post scheduling issues here
  228. Milkyway: update for users not getting CPU workunits
  229. Milkyway: another scheduler update 6/12/2013
  230. Milkyway: Separation Modified Fit Release
  231. Milkyway: New Separation Model Released
  232. Milkyway: New Separation Runs Started
  233. Milkyway: User location visualization
  234. Milkyway: New Separation Modified Fit Runs Started
  235. Milkyway: nbody fpops calculation updated
  236. Milkyway: Video
  237. Milkyway: Separation Modified Fit v1.24
  238. Milkyway: New Separation Runs Started
  239. Milkyway: Video for Orphan Real 2 Current Best Fit
  240. Milkyway: N-Body 1.30
  241. Milkyway: N-Body 1.32
  242. Milkyway: New Separation Runs
  243. Milkyway: N-Body 1.34
  244. Milkyway: N-Body 1.36
  245. Milkyway: New Separation Modified Fit Runs Started
  246. Milkyway: Badges for crunchers.
  247. Milkyway: Separation Modified Fit v1.26 Release
  248. Milkyway: Separation Modified Fit v1.26 Release
  249. Milkyway: MilkyWay server backups
  250. Milkyway: New Separation Modified Fit Runs Started