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  2. Wildlife@Home: discuss video button should be fixed
  3. Wildlife@Home: new workunits and assimilator working
  4. Wildlife@Home: Generating missing ogv videos
  5. Wildlife@Home: 7 Minute Demo and Walkthrough
  6. Wildlife@Home: sending out new workunits
  7. Wildlife@Home: testing the wildlife_surf application v0.01
  8. Wildlife@Home: Updated linux application to 0.02
  9. Wildlife@Home: wildlife_surf 0.03 for linux
  10. Wildlife@Home: testing validator
  11. Some boyscout finally did it at Wildlife
  12. Wildlife@Home: fixing missing videos
  13. Wildlife@Home: missing videos should be fixed now
  14. Wildlife@Home: another batch of workunits generated
  15. Wildlife@Home: Clarification on how to mark videos
  16. Wildlife@Home: Deadline for workunits
  17. Wildlife@Home: Some more initial results
  18. Wildlife@Home: New motion workunits
  19. Wildlife@Home: problem with work generation
  20. Wildlife@Home: Something fun!
  21. Wildlife@Home: validator issues
  22. Wildlife@Home: validator fixed
  23. Wildlife@Home: Just wanted to say that all you are awesome
  24. Wildlife@Home: Badges
  25. Wildlife@Home: generating more video
  26. Wildlife@Home: discuss video button should be working again
  27. Wildlife@Home: "cheating" and rewatching videos
  28. Wildlife@Home: First Wildlife@Home paper accepted for publication!
  29. Wildlife@Home: Validator issues
  30. Wildlife@Home: Current progress and updates
  31. Wildlife@Home: watched video listing page done!
  32. Wildlife@Home: updating video database
  33. Wildlife@Home: database query finished, validator fixed and a couple updates
  34. Wildlife@Home: high performance storage system mounted
  35. Wildlife@Home: Fixed another bug with the validator
  36. Wildlife@Home: now using the HPC storage system for videos
  37. Wildlife@Home: Generating more videos
  38. Wildlife@Home: sorting videos on the watched videos
  39. Wildlife@Home: updating validation scheme
  40. Wildlife@Home: long running query
  41. Wildlife@Home: query finished
  42. Wildlife@Home: status update
  43. Wildlife@Home: validator testing
  44. Wildlife@Home: another long running query
  45. Wildlife@Home: validator testing
  46. Wildlife@Home: validator working?
  47. Wildlife@Home: validator running and status update
  48. Wildlife@Home: updates to validation
  49. Wildlife@Home: HPC storage getting re-mounted
  50. Wildlife@Home: video server update
  51. Wildlife@Home: updates to watched video page
  52. Wildlife@Home: forum changes, and badges!
  53. Wildlife@Home: video server back up
  54. Wildlife@Home: badges and watched video in profiles
  55. Wildlife@Home: credit and accuracy displayed in watch.php
  56. Wildlife@Home: Added animal id/nest id to video names
  57. Wildlife@Home: Adding the navbar to the forums and other webpages
  58. Wildlife@Home: updated top bird watchers page
  59. Wildlife@Home: Adding 2013 video
  60. Wildlife@Home: badge updates and descriptions
  61. Wildlife@Home: Exporting badges in xml
  62. More news from Wildlife (but not through the RSS feed :) )
  63. Wildlife@Home: reporting video
  64. Wildlife@Home: fixed the video count on the watched videos page
  65. Wildlife@Home: Updated the watched videos page
  66. Wildlife@Home: update to the video watching page
  67. Wildlife@Home: Some very big news!
  68. Wildlife@Home: Sort options for the watched video page
  69. Wildlife@Home: Page for reviewing reported videos is now working.
  70. Wildlife@Home: that was quick :)
  71. Wildlife@Home: database locked up
  72. Wildlife@Home: merging too dark/corrupt/camera issue buttons
  73. Wildlife@Home: validator testing
  74. Wildlife@Home: testing new validator
  75. Wildlife@Home: new validator finished going over all the observations
  76. Wildlife@Home: Moved everything to the new credit and accuracy
  77. Wildlife@Home: Adding 2013 plover video
  78. Wildlife@Home: different video segment lengths
  79. Wildlife@Home: fixing database
  80. Wildlife@Home: database fixed
  81. Wildlife@Home: progress report
  82. Wildlife@Home: Database outage
  83. Wildlife@Home: updating observations with new validator, and team stats
  84. Wildlife@Home: top teams page working for video watching
  85. Wildlife@Home: validator has finished going over everything
  86. Wildlife@Home: verification for video problems
  87. Wildlife@Home: updates for video reviewing
  88. Wildlife@Home: reported videos problem
  89. Wildlife@Home: got a backup of the reviewed videos
  90. Wildlife@Home: Restore worked!
  91. Wildlife@Home: team members page has accuracy and seconds of video watched
  92. Wildlife@Home: hiding watched videos
  93. Wildlife@Home: videos should be loading again
  94. Wildlife@Home: video segment lengths
  95. Wildlife@Home: Project preferences for lengths of videos to watch & multiple account
  96. Wildlife@Home: Creating Test Workunits
  97. Wildlife@Home: Traveling to China
  98. Wildlife@Home: Creating More Test Workunits
  99. Wildlife@Home: video loading speeds
  100. Wildlife@Home: Nest Recess Data News- Results from the National Meeting of The Wildli
  101. Wildlife@Home: e-Science 2013 presentation
  102. Wildlife@Home: slow video streaming
  103. Wildlife@Home: video storage appliance down
  104. Wildlife@Home: videos back up
  105. Wildlife@Home: Alpha version of new video watching interface up for testing.
  106. Wildlife@Home: fixing slow loading videos
  107. Wildlife@Home: updating tags on the new interface
  108. Wildlife@Home: updates to the new interface
  109. Wildlife@Home: discussion button working on the new interface
  110. Wildlife@Home: updating start/end times on the new interface
  111. Wildlife@Home: video storage server down
  112. Wildlife@Home: new interface working again
  113. Wildlife@Home: videos streaming again
  114. Wildlife@Home: more storage system outages
  115. Wildlife@Home: storage server back up
  116. Wildlife@Home: change to events in the new interface
  117. Wildlife@Home: start/end times in new interface
  118. SETI.USA #1 Bird Watching Team
  119. Wildlife@Home: New images added to front page carousel from observed videos!
  120. Wildlife@Home: storage server down
  121. Wildlife@Home: storage server back up
  122. Wildlife@Home: storage server down again
  123. Wildlife@Home: status update
  124. Wildlife@Home: Updates to webpages
  125. Wildlife@Home: Some updates completed
  126. Wildlife@Home: Drive failure
  127. Wildlife@Home: Validator testing for new interface
  128. Wildlife@Home: Alpha testing for the new interface and validator
  129. Wildlife@Home: added random/next video buttons to new interface
  130. Wildlife@Home: added a difficulty button to the new interface
  131. Wildlife@Home: network outage
  132. Wildlife@Home: Looks like everything is back!
  133. Wildlife@Home: All videos have been reconverted for the new interface
  134. Wildlife@Home: Making updates to the new interface
  135. Wildlife@Home: Updated new interface with skip buttons and observation comparisons
  136. Wildlife@Home: next button should work in the new interface
  137. Wildlife@Home: Piping plover ecology information online!
  138. Wildlife@Home: projects, posters and publication information
  139. Wildlife@Home: Windows Workunits
  140. Wildlife@Home: moving over to new interface officially
  141. Wildlife@Home: moved to new interface
  142. Wildlife@Home: reporting observations is now working
  143. Wildlife@Home: speed options for watching videos
  144. Wildlife@Home: Testing New WUs
  145. Wildlife@Home: server upgrades friday morning
  146. Wildlife@Home: Dealing with spammers
  147. Wildlife@Home: Least Tern ecology page online
  148. Wildlife@Home: Request for badge designs!
  149. Wildlife@Home: ND EPSCoR Oral Presentation
  150. Wildlife@Home: Video watching page showing videos already watched
  151. Wildlife@Home: debugging video kickback
  152. Wildlife@Home: more video kickback debugging
  153. Wildlife@Home: video kickback fixed
  154. Wildlife@Home: badge updates for people using the new interface
  155. Wildlife@Home: server profiling to figure out slow video speeds
  156. Wildlife@Home: Instructional video for the new interface
  157. Wildlife@Home: New video on marking recess events
  158. Wildlife@Home: Events are now editable on the review video page
  159. Wildlife@Home: adding/removing events disabled on review videos page
  160. Wildlife@Home: Updated instructions/validator
  161. Wildlife@Home: badges being exported properly now
  162. Wildlife@Home: new validator up and going
  163. Wildlife@Home: new interface validator up and going
  164. Wildlife@Home: Back from vacation
  165. Wildlife@Home: Finishing videos with no events
  166. Wildlife@Home: Short writeup on computer vision efforts
  167. Wildlife@Home: New user and gold badge surveys online
  168. Wildlife@Home: New tutorial video
  169. Wildlife@Home: project unification
  170. Wildlife@Home: Video server downtime
  171. Wildlife@Home: more on project unification
  172. Wildlife@Home: video server back up
  173. Wildlife@Home: added new forums for the other projects
  174. Wildlife@Home: [dna,subsetsum] account linking available
  175. Wildlife@Home: Added DNA@Home application, work units hopefully tomorrow
  176. Wildlife@Home: new DNA@Home front page
  177. Wildlife@Home: credit for linked projects should be showing up how
  178. Wildlife@Home: [dna] will be sending out test work units
  179. Wildlife@Home: [wildlife] moved server side daemons to Citizen Science Grid
  180. Wildlife@Home: [dna] validator ready for testing
  181. Wildlife@Home: [dna] validator up and going
  182. Wildlife@Home: team credit updated
  183. Wildlife@Home: [dna] status update
  184. Wildlife@Home: [dna] testing workunits generated by assimilator
  185. Wildlife@Home: [dna] assimilator workunits botched
  186. Wildlife@Home: [dna] looks like the assimilator is working
  187. Wildlife@Home: [dna] front page updates, science post
  188. Wildlife@Home: [subset_sum] updates to home page
  189. Wildlife@Home: [dna, subset_sum, wildlife] publications page working
  190. Wildlife@Home: [wildlife] updating the project's pages
  191. Wildlife@Home: traveling this weekend
  192. Wildlife@Home: [wildlife] problems with watching videos
  193. Wildlife@Home: [wildlife] merged seconds watched
  194. Wildlife@Home: longer DNA@home workunits
  195. Wildlife@Home: please cancel all the test_hg19_XXXX workunits
  196. Wildlife@Home: new set of work units 'test_hg19_2_...'
  197. Wildlife@Home: [dna] you can cancel the test_hg19_2_... workunits
  198. Wildlife@Home: traveling this week
  199. Wildlife@Home: clearing out the spam
  200. Wildlife@Home: well that was a mess
  201. Wildlife@Home: [dna] testing new binaries
  202. Wildlife@Home: [dna] added 32 and 64 bit windows binaries
  203. Wildlife@Home: [dna] added a linux 64 bit binary
  204. Wildlife@Home: [dna] new 32 and 64 bit windows binaries
  205. Wildlife@Home: [dna] validator up and going
  206. Wildlife@Home: [dna] assimilator back up and going
  207. Wildlife@Home: [dna] added 32 bit linux binary
  208. Wildlife@Home: [dna] lots of new work units
  209. Wildlife@Home: more travel
  210. Wildlife@Home: account linking
  211. Wildlife@Home: CSG now exporting stats
  212. Wildlife@Home: please check your teams
  213. Wildlife@Home: disregard previous stats export message
  214. Wildlife@Home: [dna] updated applications
  215. Wildlife@Home: stats export now working with BOINC per-app credit
  216. Wildlife@Home: [dna] credit loss fixed
  217. Wildlife@Home: per-app top lists
  218. Wildlife@Home: [dna] updated linux 64 bit application
  219. Wildlife@Home: [dna] updated linux 64 bit to version 0.46
  220. Wildlife@Home: [dna] added badges for DNA@Home
  221. Wildlife@Home: [dna] updated linux 64 bit to 0.47
  222. Wildlife@Home: anyone else missing credits after the swap to the new boinc per-app cr
  223. Wildlife@Home: DNA@Home sending out more work
  224. Wildlife@Home: new test runs/more work units
  225. Wildlife@Home: dealing with spam profiles
  226. Wildlife@Home: deleting spam accounts
  227. Wildlife@Home: spam accounts
  228. Wildlife@Home: [dna] two more runs
  229. Wildlife@Home: [dna] new run, cancelled erroring ones
  230. Wildlife@Home: taking down the old websites/forums
  231. Wildlife@Home: [wildlife] updated watch and review video pages to bootstrap 3
  232. Wildlife@Home: [dna] badge size fixed
  233. Wildlife@Home: [dna] started another new run 'test_hg19_1000fa_2'
  234. Wildlife@Home: deleted spammers
  235. Wildlife@Home: [wildilfe] video server down
  236. Is Wildlife@Home totally done?