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  1. Climate@Home: Climateathome is using master url
  2. Climate@Home: ClimateatHome 10.0 was released
  3. Climate@Home: Important Update: Windows_X86_64 Network connection Bug (Solved)
  4. Climate@Home: Version 11.0 Released (Reduced the required size to 2G-3G)
  5. Climate@Home: Alert: the Project will stop for updates on July 29th, 2013
  6. climate@home: New work available
  7. Climate@Home: New Updating and workunits released
  8. Climate@Home: Important: please reset your project to accept new updates in Sept. 12,
  9. Climate@Home: Warning: do not upgrade to VirtualBox 4.2.18
  10. Climate@Home: TestNotice
  11. Climate@Home: Test Notice 2
  12. Climate@Home: Notice: Enable VT-x in the BIOS before add the project
  13. Climate@Home: Test Notice 3
  14. Climate@Home: Requirements to Run climateathome
  15. Climate@Home: Deadline changed to 3 weeks
  16. Climate@Home: Maximum elapsed time exceeded Error:
  17. Climate@Home: x86_64 Version 14.0 has been released
  18. Climate@Home: running status screenshots of version 14.0
  19. Climate@Home: FTPS server was down because of the power outage between Mar 14 and Mar
  20. Climate@Home: Some recommendations and experiences from past workunits.
  21. Climate@Home: Version 16.0 for Windows has been created
  22. Climate@Home: Credits Requirement for Posting Threads
  23. Climate@Home: 300 Tasks (estimated 40 hours) created
  24. Climate@Home: Version 17.0 has been created
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