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  1. Do Atlas WUs ever end?
  2. ATLAS@Home: More work coming on Monday
  3. ATLAS@Home: More work coming on Monday
  4. ATLAS@Home: Activity has restarted
  5. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@home credit merge
  6. ATLAS@Home: Issues over the weekend
  7. ATLAS@Home: Submission stopped
  8. ATLAS@Home: Server restarted
  9. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS Simulation v1.20 released
  10. ATLAS@Home: Work units limited
  11. ATLAS@Home: Longer jobs coming and problems in the last 24h
  12. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS simulation V1.22 released
  13. ATLAS@Home: High memory jobs incorrectly submitted to BOINC clients
  14. ATLAS@Home: reduce disk_bound from 15GB to 5GB
  15. ATLAS@Home: enabled BOINC wide team
  16. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@home in maintenance mode
  17. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@home running again
  18. ATLAS@Home: Hardware issues on the ATLAS@home server
  19. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@Home maintenance on 23 Sep
  20. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@home discussions at the 10th BOINC workshop
  21. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@home server migration on Oct 15
  22. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@home server migration on Oct 15
  23. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@home discussions at the 10th BOINC workshop
  24. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@Home maintenance on 23 Sep
  25. ATLAS@Home: Hardware issues on the ATLAS@home server
  26. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@home running again
  27. ATLAS@Home: Server migration completed
  28. ATLAS@Home: Server migration completed
  29. ATLAS@Home: Server replaced
  30. ATLAS@Home: v1.28 and validation sample
  31. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS 1.29 is released
  32. ATLAS@Home: Request for more crunching in next week or two
  33. ATLAS@Home: database down last night
  34. ATLAS@Home: Validation close to finished, new WU next week
  35. ATLAS@Home: New tasks have been released
  36. ATLAS@Home: No new WU available
  37. ATLAS@Home: New campaign starting
  38. ATLAS@Home: Issues with a bad payload definition in the past few days
  39. ATLAS@Home: Screen saver
  40. ATLAS@Home: 5000 concurrent running jobs - milestone !
  41. ATLAS@Home: Change in disk space needed
  42. ATLAS@Home: Server maintenance today
  43. ATLAS@Home: Beam is back in the LHC
  44. ATLAS@Home: New bunch of Wus available in the next days
  45. ATLAS@Home: New bunch of Wus available in the next days
  46. ATLAS@Home: Upload server
  47. ATLAS@Home: Updates on ATLAS@home project
  48. ATLAS@Home: New application version
  49. ATLAS@Home: New application version for Windows
  50. ATLAS@Home: LHC has restarted !
  51. ATLAS@Home: About new WUs (since v1.35)
  52. ATLAS@Home: Status of W boson simulation campaign
  53. ATLAS@Home: Issues with server infrastructure
  54. ATLAS@Home: Maintenance starting June 18, 10:30 CET
  55. ATLAS@Home: New application version - 1.37
  56. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@home badges
  57. ATLAS@Home: New task defined
  58. ATLAS@Home: Short BOINC service interruption on Monday
  59. ATLAS@Home: Task progress
  60. ATLAS@Home: Database intervention on 9 September
  61. ATLAS@Home: New application version - 1.38
  62. ATLAS@Home: Validation errors - FIXED
  63. ATLAS@Home: New task
  64. ATLAS@Home: Issue with data transfers, no more WUs available
  65. ATLAS@Home: No WU available : issue with production system
  66. ATLAS@Home: New application version - 1.39
  67. ATLAS@Home: New application version - 1.40
  68. ATLAS@Home: Short database intervention Nov 10
  69. ATLAS@Home: Over 8.000 concurrent WUs : a new record!
  70. ATLAS@Home: Unexpected downtime
  71. ATLAS@Home: New task
  72. ATLAS@Home: New Tas + New application version 1.41
  73. ATLAS@Home: New application version - 1.42
  74. ATLAS@Home: New application version - 1.43
  75. ATLAS@Home: New application version - 1.44
  76. ATLAS@Home: No new WU available at the moment
  77. ATLAS@Home: Service interruption on Saturday
  78. ATLAS@Home: New record! more than 10.000 concurrently running WUs
  79. ATLAS@Home: New logo
  80. ATLAS@Home: New application version - 1.45
  81. ATLAS@Home: New application version - 1.46
  82. ATLAS@Home: Short downtime
  83. ATLAS@Home: Can we beat the ATLAS record?
  84. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@Home in CERN Bulletin
  85. ATLAS@Home: WU running out shortly - more on Monday 6th
  86. ATLAS@Home: Disk space limit decreased to 4GB
  87. Issue with Atlas@Home
  88. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@home releases a beta application for the multi core jobs
  89. ATLAS@Home: How can the BOINC client allocate customized CPU/Memory resources to spec
  90. ATLAS@Home: New multi-core application version 1.03
  91. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS@Home version 2.0 with graphics
  92. ATLAS@Home: Version 2.01 with VirtualBox 5.1 support
  93. ATLAS@Home: Moving multicore out of beta on Mon 29th August
  94. ATLAS@Home: Multi-core version 1.04 with support for VirtualBox 5.1, OS X and graphic
  95. ATLAS@Home: Performance issues with older Virtualbox
  96. ATLAS@Home: Tips on how to gain better performance on the ATLAS_MCORE app
  97. ATLAS@Home: Changes to the multicore app configuration
  98. ATLAS@Home: New multi-core version 1.05
  99. ATLAS@Home: Single core tasks finished
  100. ATLAS@Home: New single-core tasks
  101. ATLAS@Home: Seasons greetings
  102. ATLAS@Home: ATLAS/LHC@Home consolidation
  103. LHC@Home (Atlas Simulation): ATLAS/LHC consolidation is ready
  104. LHC@Home (Atlas Simulation): All remaining ATLAS tasks will be cancelled on Friday 7
  105. LHC@Home (Atlas Simulation): No more ATLAS tasks, credit will be transferred to LHC s
  106. Atlas WU's getting hung up and not uploading