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  1. Vacation
  2. Patience is a Virtue
  3. Deer Amber Alert
  4. Collatz Website down?
  5. Need Help with Opti App.
  6. Collatz: Stepping Higher!
  7. Disk Error
  8. Collatz: PBCAK
  9. Collatz: Server Status - Good and Bad
  10. Collatz: Server Status - Good and Bad
  11. Collatz: Planned Outage
  12. Collatz: It's Alive!
  13. Collatz: Power Restored
  14. Collatz: Server Maintenance Friday 1/28/2011
  15. Collatz: New Application Coming Soon
  16. Collatz: Mini Collatz App Released
  17. Collatz: CPUs now limited to running Mini Collatz App
  18. Collatz: Forum Posting Changes
  19. Collatz: Power Outage
  20. Collatz: Thunderstorms
  21. Collatz Down
  22. Collatz: Server Back Online
  23. Collatz: Database Error Repaired and New UPS Installed
  24. Collatz: OpenID Authentication
  25. Collatz: Comcast Outage
  26. Collatz: Planned Outage on 9/27
  27. Collatz: Unscheduled Maintenance
  28. The Move to OpenCL Apps
  29. Collatz: Edit Profile Fixed
  30. Collatz: MAC OS X OpenCL Application Added
  31. Collatz: Checkpointing Fixed MAC OS X OpenCL Application
  32. Errors on Collatz
  33. Did the Collatz Servers Break a Sweat?
  34. Collatz down?
  35. Collatz: Server Back Online
  36. Collatz: BOINC Pentathlon
  37. Collatz: New MAC OS X OpenCL Version
  38. Collatz: OpenCL Applications
  39. Collatz: Internet Access Restored
  40. Collatz: CUDA 4.2 Version for Windows Now Available
  41. Collatz: Windows CUDA 4.0 and CUDA 4.2 Versions
  42. Collatz: Collatz v3.14 for Win32 and CUDA 4.2 Released
  43. I am kinda impressed...
  44. Collatz: Collatz v3.15 CUDA Testers for Windows Needed
  45. Collatz: Scheduler Bug Fixed
  46. Collatz: Collatz v3.17 CUDA Testers for Windows Needed
  47. Collatz: Server Back Online
  48. Wu's Crash on GTX 560 Ti !!!
  49. Collatz: Collatz 4.xx CUDA and CPU Applications Released for Windows x86_64
  50. Collatz: Collatz 4.xx CUDA and CPU Applications Released for Windows x86
  51. Collatz: Collatz 4.xx Applications Released for Linux
  52. Collatz: Collatz 4.xx Windows OpenCL App for AMD 32 and 64 bit Released
  53. Collatz: Server Upgrade on Thursday, April 18th
  54. Collatz: ByeBye Wingman
  55. Solo_Collatz error ATI HD5870
  56. Collatz: v4.06 Application Released for Windows x64 for OpenCL
  57. Something seriously wrong with my Collatz?
  58. Collatz: v4.07 Released for Windows
  59. Collatz: Solo_Collatz v4.07 Released for Linux GPUs
  60. Collatz is down
  61. Collatz: It's Alive!
  62. Collatz: ghost app_config.xml?
  63. Collatz: It's Alive - Part II
  64. Collatz: It's Alive - Part III
  65. Collatz: Intel GPUs Supported
  66. Collatz: Credit Calculations
  67. Collatz: Back Online
  68. Collatz Badges?
  69. Collatz: Badges? We need stinkin' badges!
  70. Collatz Database Corrupt
  71. Collatz: Up and Running Again
  72. Collatz: OpenCL Application Update for OS X
  73. Collatz will soon have a new top-dog...
  74. Collatz: Drive Error
  75. Collatz: Solo Validator Back Online (11/28/2013)
  76. Optimization of the 7970 and 570 (and 460)
  77. Collatz: 2,739 Steps
  78. Collatz: Clearing up the Backlog (12/05/2013)
  79. Collatz: A Time of Giving
  80. collatz: getting windows_intelx86 instead of windows_x86_64 cuda app
  81. Collatz is down
  82. Collatz: Slowly Getting Back Online
  83. Collatz: Collatz Back Online with Solo Collatz Only
  84. Collatz: Issues and Resolutions
  85. Collatz: More Updates
  86. Collatz: Long Run-Times? Optimize.
  87. Collatz: CUDA vs nVidia OpenCL User Poll
  88. Collatz: Have your cake and eat it too!
  89. Collatz: Back Online
  90. Collatz: Solo Collatz Brook+/CAL (a.k.a. ATI) Applications Released for Windows
  91. Collatz: Variable Sized Wokunits & New CPU Applications
  92. why do we crunch collatz?
  93. Collatz: Android Applications Now Available
  94. Collatz: Brook/CAL ATI for 32-bit Linux
  95. Collatz performance on iGPU
  96. Collatz: Switching To CreditNew
  97. Collatz: Tip #42: User of the Day
  98. Collatz: Phasing out Multi-Size
  99. Collatz: Missing Apps
  100. Collatz: Missing Apps Part 2
  101. Collatz: Micro Collatz CPU Apps
  102. Different apps for different GPUs
  103. Collatz: Server Back Online
  104. different apps for cpu and gpu
  105. Collatz: Potential Outage After June 5 thru June 15
  106. Collatz: Potential Outage After June 5 thru June 15
  107. Hanging WUs on Large Collatz?
  108. Collatz: Up and Running
  109. collatz: temporarily shut down for maintenance
  110. HTC Power Top Give
  111. Collatz: Electrical Line Work
  112. Collatz: Murphy's Law
  113. Collatz: Database Is Back Online
  114. Collatz: Prepping for Android 5
  115. Collatz: Android 5, aka Lolipop or Android L not getting work
  116. lost account
  117. Collatz: Corrupt Index Caused Authentication Errors
  118. Collatz: Back Online
  119. Collatz: Power Restored
  120. Collatz: False Positive: Win32/Bulta!rfn
  121. Power Surges Killed UPS and Server
  122. Collatz: She Needs More Power, Capt'n
  123. Collatz: Sieve Application Testing
  124. Collatz: Planned Outage Today
  125. Collatz: Planned Outage 6/18/2015 @ 8:00am CDT
  126. Collatz: New Windows CUDA and OpenCL Versions Released
  127. Collatz: New Linux 64-bit CUDA App
  128. Collatz: Collartz Sieve v1.07 released for Windows
  129. Collatz: Collatz Sieve 1.08 Released for Windows
  130. Collatz: SSL Certificate is Expired
  131. Collatz: Collatz Sieve 1.10 Released for Windows
  132. Collatz: Collatz Sieve 1.20 released for Windows, Linux, and OS X
  133. Collatz: Get your app hours quick!
  134. Collatz: v1.20 sieve apps have been deprecated due to validation failures
  135. Collatz: Collatz Sieve v1.21 released for Windows
  136. Collatz: Collatz Sieve v1.21 Released for Linux and OS X
  137. Collatz: Collatz Sieve Applications released for Windows, Linux, and OS X CPUs
  138. Collatz: Sieve in Production; Large and Solo deprecated
  139. Collatz: Google's Anti-Malware Detection Gives False Positives
  140. Collatz: Hunting season?
  141. Collatz: SSL Certificate Replaced
  142. HTTP internal server error
  143. Collatz hanging...
  144. Collatz: Firewall Failure
  145. Collatz: Power Outage
  146. Collatz: SSL Certificate Replace (again)
  147. Collatz: Major Maintenance
  148. Collatz: Major Maintenance
  149. Collatz: Invite Code
  150. Collatz: Unexpected Power Outage
  151. Badges
  152. Collatz: Comcast Back Online
  153. Collatz: Upcoming Maintenance
  154. Collatz: Router/Firewall Upgrade
  155. Collatz: Router/Firewall Upgrade
  156. Collatz: SSL Issues
  157. Collatz: Project Down Until...
  158. Collatz: Use at your own risk
  159. Collatz: Use at your own risk
  160. Collatz: Linux Apps Avaliable
  161. Collatz: New Windows 64-bit version