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  1. DENIS: #BugFixing Version v1.03
  2. DENIS: Longer WUs
  3. DENIS: Version 1.02 and MAC OS Support
  4. DENIS: The server is up and running at 100%
  5. DENIS: DataBase Maintenance
  6. DENIS: Certificate of computation
  7. DENIS: Email service Enabled
  8. DENIS: New group of task is coming
  9. DENIS: Starting a great adventure
  10. DENIS: New v1.04 DENIS Application
  11. DENIS: Temporaly stop of new WUs
  12. DENIS: New v1.05 DENIS Application
  13. DENIS: New BAM! Challenge: B@P POTM DENIS@Home
  14. DENIS: BOINC transitioning to a Community Based Governance
  15. DENIS: New badges
  16. DENIS: New communication channels
  17. DENIS: DENIS@Home Server Maintenance
  18. DENIS: DENIS@Home Server is Up again
  19. DENIS: New WUs Generation will be paused
  20. DENIS: New web of the project
  21. DENIS: Delay in the launch of new version
  22. beta applications
  23. DENIS: Beta Version of DENIS Simulator (Natrium) now running
  24. DENIS: Paper accepted in the WETICE conference
  25. DENIS: Citizen Science event in Zaragoza
  26. DENIS: CoMetS Track Best Paper Award
  27. DENIS: Simulations are back!
  28. DENIS: Telegram Channel
  29. DENIS has work
  30. DENIS: Launch of new Application
  31. DENIS: First Scientific Results of DENIS in the Biophysical Society 61st Annual Meeti
  32. DENIS: Big simulation in the "New Carro et al. Human Ventricular Cell Model" subproje
  33. DENIS: Problems in the server
  34. DENIS: Status of the project
  35. DENIS: Re-starting the project!
  36. DENIS: Problems in the server
  37. DENIS: Thanks to beta testers