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  1. POEM: POEM++ still alive
  2. POEM: Still numerical problems
  3. POEM: New Windows Build
  4. POEM: POEM++ - new client release
  5. POEM: POEM++ - new client release cont.
  6. POEM: POEM++ - 0.04 released
  7. POEM: POEM++ - 1F4I jobs - small hiccups
  8. POEM: POEM++ - Credits, new jobs, new projectpage soon
  9. POEM: Cancerpeptides project status
  10. POEM: Merry Christmas!
  11. POEM: Happy new year!
  12. POEM: Shortage of Workunits, Hydrophobin Workunits
  13. POEM: New POEM++ release
  14. POEM: Outage and Energyscreen workunits
  15. POEM: Still erroneous workunits.
  16. POEM: Bug fixed, new POEM++ incoming.
  17. POEM: Happy Easter
  18. POEM: Mac POEM++ binary
  19. POEM: Mac POEM++ binary released
  20. POEM: Short outage over the weekend
  21. POEM: GVPJ workunits
  22. POEM: Talk about the energystats, decoyrefold and decoyrelax jobs online
  23. POEM: Workunit Shortage
  24. POEM: GPU video soon
  25. POEM: GPU video online
  26. POEM: Preparing new drug screen workunits
  27. POEM: New Client release, Server upgrade
  28. POEM: Server Upgrade in progress
  29. POEM: New Client release, Server upgrade
  30. POEM: Preparing new drug screen workunits
  31. POEM: Windows Client Hotfix
  32. POEM: GPU app infos
  33. POEM: GPU app continuned
  34. POEM: GPU Server Upgrade, Drug Development workunits
  35. POEM: GPU app release
  36. POEM: CPU tasks
  37. POEM: GPU app release windows
  38. POEM: Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
  39. POEM: Short downtime on Friday
  40. POEM: Bugfix Release
  41. POEM: Server Upgrade
  42. POEM: New staff at POEM@HOME
  43. POEM: The King is dead. Long live the King.
  44. POEM: Credit overgranting
  45. POEM: Switching to fixed credits
  46. POEM: Cheaters? Cheaters! No cheaters
  47. POEM: Downtime tomorrow
  48. POEM: Upcoming client release
  49. Anyone Have An app_info For Poem?
  50. POEM: New client binaries released
  51. Problem with Poem app_info
  52. POEM: fold1em7 progress and runtimes
  53. Nvidia not working for me in Linux for Poem
  54. This project now supports Nvidea GPUs for Windows
  55. Congrat'z
  56. POEM FreeDC stones
  57. POEM: nvidia app_info.xml suddenly not working
  58. POEM: SIMONA Source Code released
  59. "Your app_info.xml file doesn't have a usable version of POEM++" ERROR(how i fixed)
  60. POEM questions
  61. POEM: SSE2 Requirement for Windows Clients
  62. POEM: Scheduler Update and ATI cards
  63. POEM: New clients out
  64. Is it just me?
  65. POEM: Server Failure & Downtime Announcement
  66. POEM: New Server goes online
  67. POEM: Inside Our Group
  68. POEM: POEM++ OpenCL Announcement
  69. POEM: Merry Christmas!
  70. Poem new GPU app update
  71. POEM: POEM++ 2.0 Release
  72. POEM: Changes to the POEM@HOME Server
  73. POEM: GPU Project Status
  74. POEM: Out of GPU tasks
  75. POEM: New GPU client and enhancement of project focus
  76. POEM: POEM++ 2.17 Released
  77. POEM: Server Issues
  78. POEM: Increased Credit Values for GPU Jobs
  79. Help Maxwell Crunch Poem
  80. POEM: IT Maintenance Announcement
  81. POEM: Intel GPU Support
  82. POEM: Maintenance on 05/09/2015
  83. POEM: Project Updates
  84. Anyone know how long POEM will be down?
  85. POEM: Recent POEM Server blackout
  86. POEM: Server Maintenance on Wednesday
  87. POEM: Version 2.30 released & new Project available
  88. POEM: The Future of POEM@HOME