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08-27-14, 09:40 AM

DDM was down a couple of days ago so I ran Ibercivis for a few hours. I was looking at the results last night and I noticed that 3 of my machines were cranking WU in 1/2 the time and getting paid the same. I started a couple of them up and I found that 3 machines were running 32 bit and 3 were running 64 bit versions of the executable. The 64 bit versions produce 2X the credits!!!!

I looked at the directories and all 6 machines had both the 32 and 64 bit executables. I don't know what determines which is used but it is probably the BOINC server code issuing 32 bit work to 64 bit machines to see if it is faster ... one of the many BOINC features that was included for your benefit!

Since I had running WU and 32 bit cache it wouldn't let me delete the 32 bit executable "in use by a program" but it did let me "rename" and then I aborted the cache and reloaded. The next WU started runnng the 64 bit program.

The 32 bit was taking roughly an hour and the 64 bit takes 1/2 of that to complete a WU. The pay is the same.

08-27-14, 10:40 AM
As an alternative, you can add:


to the cc_config to force it to get only 64 bit apps but that also means you won't get work on projects with only 32-bit apps.