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    Description: Superlink@Technion helps geneticists perform genetic linkage analysis, which is a statistical method used to associate functionality of genes with their location on chromosomes. It typically serves for detecting mutated disease-provoking genes. This analysis can be extremely computationally intensive and has been parallelized for simultaneous execution on many computers. Geneticists submit the data for the analysis via Superlink-online linkage analysis portal. The tasks are then automatically parallelized and scheduled for execution on many computers in the Technion, in the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and also on many computers all over the world.

    Institution: Technion (Http:// www.technion.ac.iv/

    Home Page: http://cbl-boinc-server2.cs.technion...inkattechnion/

    Official Lauch: 05-03-2007

    Project Status: Active but have not issued WU's for some time.

    Client Program: The following Applications are supported by the project:
    Windows 32bit.
    Linux 32 and 64 bits OS's.

    Statistics: View Detailed Information ans statistics on Team SETI.USA Here

    Current Team Scores:

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