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    Desciption: Yoyo@home is a project bringing existing project to the world of BOINC using the wrapper technology. The project is currently running 4 different projects and they're always looking for new projects to integrate into Yoyo@home. The project is run by the German BOINC team Rechenkraft.net

    Evolution@home is one of the current projects and represents the first and so far only distributed computing project addressing evolutionary research. It simulates different types of populations and focuses on the analysis of human mitochondrial DNA. For further details about the other sub projects, please see the projects Home Page. Here is a video about mitochondrial DNA:


    Home Page URL:http://www.rechenkraft.net/yoyo/

    Project Status: The project was launched on 19-07-2007 and is still in a Beta status. Some bugs have to be expected.

    Client Programs: The following platforms are supported by the project: Windows, Windows 64 bit, Linux, Linux 64 bit, MacOS, MacOS 64 bit, Solaris.

    Statistics: View Detailed Information on Team SETI.USA Here

    Current Team Scores:

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