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    Description: The goal of DNA@Home is to discover what regulates the genes in DNA. Ever notice that skin cells are different from a muscle cells, which are different from a bone cells, even though every cell in your body has every gene in your genome? That's because not all genes are "on" all the time. Depending on the cell type and what the cell is trying to do at any given moment, only a subset of the genes are used, and the remainder are shut off. DNA@home uses statistical algorithms to unlock the key to this differential regulation, using your volunteered computers.

    Institution: DNA@Home is based at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    Home Page: http://dnahome.cs.rpi.edu/dna/

    Project Status: Active.

    Client Programs: The project supports the following Applications:
    Windows 32 and 64bits.
    Linux 32 and 64bits.
    Mac OS.

    Statistics: View Detailed Staistics for Team SETI.USA Here

    Current Team Statistics:

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