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    • Description: Chess960 is a young innovative chess variant. In Chess960, just before the start of every game, the initial configuration of the chess pieces is determined randomly, that means that the king, the queen, the rook, the bishop and the knight are not necessarily placed on the same home squares as in classical chess. Since a few years there are World Championsships taking place in "Chess Classic Mainz" event in August every year. GM Peter Svidler is the current Champion.In this project we try to combine Chess960 and the idea of distributed computing. With the BOINC software framework from the University of Berkeley exists a platform we want to use in this project to perform these computing intensive tasks. With it we want to give this chess variant some basics in theory of this game. We know the fascination of this chess variant is the incredible amount of variations. That will not change with this project but some guidelines seems to be useful in each starting position.

      Institution: Chess-960Org.

      Official Launch: 20-03-2006.

      Home Page: http://www.chess960athome.org/alpha/

      Project Status As at 25 Aug 2001 it is Active but not accepting new members.

      Client Programs:The following Applications are supported by the project:
      Windows 32bit.
      Linux 32 and 64bits.

      Statistics: View Detailed Information about Team SETI.USA Here

      Current Team Scores:

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