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    Description: distributedDataMining (dDM) is the name of a research project that uses Internet-connected computers to perform research in the various fields of Data Analysis and Machine Learning. The project uses the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) for the distribution of research related tasks to several computers. The intent of BOINC is to enable researchers to tap into the enormous processing power of personal computers around the world. If you are willing to support our research challenges please participate in the dDM-Project: Register and download the BOINC software and Java 1.6.
    All dDM applications use the open source framework RapidMiner. This data mining suite - developed at University of Dortmund - provides various machine learning methods for data analysis purposes. The RapidMinder provides a comfortable plug-in mechanism to easily add new developed algorithms. This flexibility and the processing power of BOINC is an ideal foundation for scientific distributed Data Mining. The dDM project takes that opportunity and serves as a metaproject for different kind of machine learning applications.

    Home Page URL: http://www.nicoschlitter.de/DistributedDataMining

    Project Status: The project was launched in mid Feb 2010 by its developer. Expect errors in the early stage of development.

    Client programs: The project only supports Windows x86 and Linux x86 based CPUs at this early stage.

    Statistics: View detailed stats for Team Seti.USA Here

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