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    Description: The aim of the project Ideologias@Home is to study how people in a certain region evolve ideologically over time with respect to an idea. When an idea is introduced in a society, the population is divided naturally into four groups:
    • Extremists: those who defend the idea extremely.
    • Moderates: those who defend the idea moderately.
    • Opponents: those who are against the idea.
    • Abstentionists: those who do not care, abstain or have not opinion.
    People change their minds because of peer pressure, the influence of mass media or because because they come to a different conclusion of their own accord. Under this assumption, we propose dynamic models, determine the parameters, predict trends and analyse results.

    University of Madrid, Spain.

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    Active but need to wait some time for new WU's.

    Client Programs:
    ​ The project supports the following Applications:Windows 32bits.Linux 32bits.

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