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    Description: Neurona@Home is a BOINC-based project with the main aim of simulating the behavior of a large assembly of cellular automata neurons connected in a complex network.

    Main Facts

    • A human brain contains more than 10.000 million neurons with an average of 10.000 synaptic connections projecting from each neuron to other neurons.
    • Even the mini-brains of some insects are indeed very complex: Honeybee brains contain around 960.000 neurons which give them astounding memory and behavioral repertoire for their size.
    • It is known that the synchronization of the firing of large assemblies of neurons is related to odour discrimination in insects.
    • In Humans synchronous oscillations are also present but they are usually related to higher-order functions such as attention, memory and conscious awareness.
    • The origin and even the role of these oscillations are still poorly understood.
    Institution: University of Madrid, Spain.

    Home Page: http://falua.cesfelipesegundo.com/Neurona/

    Project Status: Active, but be aware that this project takes between 3 to 6GB's of RAM per WU.

    Client Program: The project supports the following Applications:
    Windows 64bit.
    Linux 64 bit OS's.

    Statistics: View Detailed Information on Team SETI.USA Here

    Current Team Scores:

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