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What is Simple vs. Advanced view?

The first time you install BOINC, it will usually show you the Simple view. However, this view only shows you the status of one work unit at a time. If you would like a richer experience and more information at your fingertips, try the Advanced view by clicking on that phrase in the bottom right corner of the BOINC Manager in Simple view. In this view, it will list in full detail all the projects to which you are attached, how many credits you have in each of them, etc. For more detail on what each of the tabs and buttons do in Advanced view, please visit this page.

What are some of the acronyms in common use on the forums?

WU = Work Unit
MW = MilkyWay@Home Project

Where can I find more information about crunching with BOINC?

Another great place to start is with the BOINC User Manual. If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask them in our forums!

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