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What are the best Linux distributions to use for crunching?

Any Linux distribution with package management support should be perfectly fine for crunching. Please go here for further details.

For further details on the following distros, please see the subsequent links.

a) Fedora -
b) Ubuntu -
c) Debian -
d) Gentoo -
e) Arch Linux -

Installing BOINC on Ubuntu

Instructions for a new Ubuntu installation of BOINC using the GetDeb Repository (Works with Ubuntu 9.10 & 10.04)

1) Open Firefox (or your preferred browser) and copy and paste into the address bar.
2) After the page opens, click on the "Click here to learn how to install applications from GetDeb" link to expand the instructions section of the webpage. In the how-to section, click on the "GetDeb" link in instruction #1. A FireFox prompt will appear asking you what to do with the file. Select "Open with" making sure "GDebi Package Installer" is showing in the dropdown box and click the "OK" button at the bottom. The Package Installer window will appear next. After it completes its status check, click the "Install Package" button in the upper right hand area of the window. If the system admin prompt appears, enter your system password (this will allow Ubuntu to install the GetDeb package). A progress window will appear showing the status of the GetDeb installation. When it is finished, click the "Close" button and then close the Package Installer window.
Note: The GetDeb package will automatically add the GetDeb Repository information to your Ubuntu Synaptic Package Manager along with the GetDeb security Key.
3) After you have installed the GetDeb package, go back to the GetDeb webpage and scroll down to the "Install This Now" button for the current BOINC Metapackage to install the BOINC Manager and Client.
4) Once the BOINC installation is complete, restart your system.
5) To launch the BOINC Manager, go to your Ubuntu Menu Bar and click Applications > System Tools > BOINC Manager. Follow the prompts to attach BOINC Manager to a project with your user account.
Addtional Notes: In Linux (And in other OS's) the BOINC service is what actually runs the various project applications. The issue with Linux is that the BOINC Service cannot be shut down from within the BOINC Manager (Unlike Windows). If the BOINC Service needs to be stopped, open a terminal window (Shell) from the Ubuntu dropdown Menu Bar by clicking Applications > Accessories > Terminal and use the following command:
/etc/init.d/boinc-client stop
When you stop the BOINC Service in this manner, you must restart the service using the terminal or reboot your computer. To do so in terminal use the following command:
/etc/init.d/boinc-client start

The GetDeb Repository is a great source for other Ubuntu application and utility packages. Go to to explore what GetDeb has to offer. GetDeb also has a sister site called PlayDeb at which is a repository for Linux compatible games.

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