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What is an Account Manager?

An account manager is an online program that lets you manage which projects your computers are crunching from any computer with an internet connection. No matter if you have one or several dozen computers, an account manager lets you tell which project each computer will crunch, adjust settings, and many other settings with just a few clicks of the mouse. Account managers become increasingly useful with more computers and/or computers from which you infrequently work.

Where can I find addtional programs to enhance my BOINC experience?

Check out the BOINC Add-On Software page for additional downloads to provide you with additional features. There are programs for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, as well as Web Browser Plug-ins.

How can I configure advanced options in BOINC?

Advanced options that are not included in the BOINC Manager itself can often be configured through the use of a cc_config.xml file that you create. For details on how to use this file, see this FAQ item.

How to manage Resource Sharing

Taken from BOINC Wiki "Project Preferences".

There is a separate set of project preferences for each project in which you participate and can only be accessed via the website location "preferences for this project". These include:

Resource share
If projects contend for resources, the amount allocated to a project is proportional to this number. The default is 100. Note: this is not a percentage. If a computer is attached to 2 projects, each with resource share 100, each project will get half the resources. If a project is given a resource share of 0 it will not receive any resources unless other projects are unable to provide tasks.

NB: At World Community Grid this option is titled "Project Weight"

Using a cc_config file

The "cc_config.xml" file is a file that allows you to configure advanced options for BOINC that are not included in the BOINC Manager. Use of this file is only recommended for more experienced users.

To create this file, open Notepad, go File->Save As, change "Save as Type" to "all files", name the file "cc_config.xml", and save it to your BOINC data directory. For Vista and Win7, this location is "C:/ProgramData/BOINC".

Paste the following code in the cc_config file you created above:

       [ ... ]
       [ ... ]
In place of the brackets, put in whatever option tags that serve your needs. For example, if you want BOINC to report your results as soon as they are finished, use the following file structure:


To get BOINC to recognize the options you have created with this file, go to Advanced->Read Config File within the BOINC client.

For a complete list of options you can configure with this file, please see this web page.

Using an app_config.xml file

This doc describes a new feature that will allow volunteers to adjust application scheduling parameters.

Note: this is separate from the anonymous platform mechanism.

A volunteer can configure a project's apps by putting a file app_config.xml in the project's directory. This file has the following form:


<name>: the short name of an application.

<max_concurrent>: a limit on the number of concurrent jobs for that application.

<gpu_versions>: the <gpu_usage> and <cpu_usage> elements specify the number of device instances used by GPU app versions. Note: there is no provision for specifying this per GPU type or per device.

Note2: The placement of the app_config.xml is in its respective project folder, e.g. for WorldCommunityGrid it goes into .\projects\

Original wiki page can be found (Here)

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