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    Gerasim ami_search

    EDIT: Updated credit/day and it's a little lower than original post. That's what I get for using stats from website instead of boinctasks

    This is a new Nvidia GPU app. They initially created 10,000 WUs and they are 40% complete. Not sure if they will create more after that or not. It's paying very well for a Gerasim app, over 13.6/sec on a base clocked GTX 1080. Get them while they last and build a FB lead. Other teams will have to crunch a lot of CPU WUs to catch up.

    GPU Credit/sec Credit/Day
    GTX 750ti 3.75 270,000
    GTX 960 4.83 360,000
    GTX 1070 11.11 760,000
    GTX 1080 13.63 1,290,000
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