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Thread: Steve McQueen's long missing 'Bullitt' Mustang found

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    Steve McQueen's long missing 'Bullitt' Mustang found

    "One of the two Ford Mustang automobiles used in the filming of the Steve McQueen classic 'Bullitt' has been found......." (Link)

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    Re: Steve McQueen's long missing 'Bullitt' Mustang found

    Enjoyable link! remember when cars were made out of metal... say it! M.E.T.A.L

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    Re: Steve McQueen's long missing 'Bullitt' Mustang found

    IIRC that car had the optional 390 ci engine but considering it was a "big" block it didn't perform all that well. They had to take it to a speed shop and have the heads milled and some other stuff to get the performance they wanted ... mainly to match the 383 in the Charger. Steve McQueen was actually driving the Mustang in the chase scenes. The really neat shot where he missed the turn and slammed it into reverse and backed up smoking the tires was a mistake. He was supposed to make that turn and you can see him cussing.

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