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Thread: theSkyNet POGS: Sourcefinder Beta - Attempt 2

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    theSkyNet POGS: Sourcefinder Beta - Attempt 2

    Hi Everyone,

    Earlier today we were having some issues with the hard disk size of the sourcefinder server. While I was attempting to increase the disk size, I accidentally terminated the amazon instance causing the server to be destroyed.

    After a large amount of facepalming and re-installing, the server is back up with a larger hard disk at the following address:

    Unfortunately all of the forum posts have been deleted along with the server, and there may be a few latent setup issues that I haven't addressed quite yet.

    Before accidentally destroying everything, I did copy off some of the bug reports that people had already made in to a Trello board. This board will store all of the current issues that I'm investigating, so you can all keep track of what I'm doing. Once I've read a bug report on the forums, I'll update that board with the relevant details and get to work on fixing it.

    I also plan on posting a weekly changelog of everything I've managed to fix so far.

    I'm uploading a 30GB packet of work units to the server for everyone to work on. I'll get them sent the moment I can.

    I'm truly sorry about all of this, and I hope everyone will still be happy enough to participate in sourcefinder.



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    Re: theSkyNet POGS: Sourcefinder Beta - Attempt 2

    So, it looks like the forum update is kicking out random old RSS feed notices?

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    Re: theSkyNet POGS: Sourcefinder Beta - Attempt 2

    It might be an issue with the forums DB. Probably with the recent update to the forums software?

    Future Maker? Teensy 3.6

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