You're welcome! I'm looking forward to seeing some results marked as **Validated**! And of course, I'm still trying to help our user base tackle those remaining ~160 VM tasks - I completed 1 today actually. :)

When I first joined RNA World, before you starting using VirtualBox, I couldn't help... because there was no checkpointing, and I restarted my PCs at least monthly but usually even more often.

Now that you use VirtualBox, even though it can be fragile at times, I'm able to help tackle these monsters. I still restart my PCs very often, usually installing new Windows 10 Fast Ring builds every couple of days, but I'm SO GLAD I can participate in this project! I've even learned a ton about VirtualBox, all from your project using it and me trying to keep it working smoothly

So, Thank YOU for the opportunity to learn and help!