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Thread: Lattice gone?

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    Lattice gone?

    Did I miss an announcement that Lattice was getting retired? Even the servername no longer resolves, so there's no contacting the project any more.

    I see Coleslaw asking to have the project retired over on BOINCStats for that exact reason.

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    Re: Lattice gone?

    Yes, there was an announcement that it was dead and gone -or - I just read it somewhere. About a month ago IIRC.

    Actually, I think I read it on the TSBT forums.

    Seems that the project is down and the University of Maryland are reporting that it is very unlikely that it will return.
    Project has been retired by BOINCstats so I am retiring here.

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    Re: Lattice gone?

    That's sad. It was my home town project I guess and one of the few I never set to NNW. Most of the immediate family went to College Park.

    Edit: that leaves me with just SZDG to get over 500k. Don't think that will happen that I can tell.

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