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Thread: bitcoin hardware?

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    bitcoin hardware?

    So...any use for the old bitcoin equipment now? Is it usable for other mining? Or does each currency use unique ASICs? Pretty sure the answer is to just throw it all away, but I want to double check first.
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    Re: bitcoin hardware?

    I have a collection too. Sorta miss those hundreds of millions a day

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    Re: bitcoin hardware?

    Well, I've been running my bigger ones on SlushPool. Not getting a ton of return, not even covering power costs, but if you think of it as a longer term investment, it may still be worthwhile. I just doubt the price of BitCoin can still go up far enough to actually turn a profit simply by holding the coins for a while. But, don't forget, it wasn't that many years ago (Feb 2014) that one of our members lost about 3000 BitCoin in the Mt Gox scandal. That number of BitCoins sold today would net him over $10,500,000. All earned in the early BitCoin days on his GPU's. Even the paltry number of coins I've earned in the last 45 days have gone from being worth $74.43 based on the close on the day I first earned any, to being worth $103.52 today. And that's just over the last 50 days or so. Too bad it took a month and a half worth of power for 1.8 Th/s worth of ASICs to earn them.

    Also, if I recall correctly, some of the other coins can indeed be mined using the same ASICs. And it was claimed in the past that some of them were still more profitable than BitCoin. I just don't have the info on which ones are viable for that approach.

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