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Thread: Enigma - need help!

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    Enigma - need help!


    I installed an earlier driver ... didn't help. Then I uninstalled/reinstalled VS c++ for the 3rd time. It appears to work now

    Okay, I installed a new 1080 Ti and I can't get it to run Enigma. All WU error out after a few seconds . I've installed/reinstalled VS c++ 2015 several times. Anyone have any ideas?

    The card works fine with Collatz, PG, and Xansons. It is a Windows installation. Yes, I've detach/reattached/reset and begged the project all with the same results

    I have a 1080 Ti on another machine and it isn't having any problems. Both machines are using driver 385.28.

    Here is the stderr report:

    (unknown error) - exit code 195 (0xc3)
    wrapper [26118 765 +dev#]: starting (GPU #0)
    14:19:17 (5516): wrapper: running enigma_cuda.exe (-d 0 -R -o results.txt 04trigr.cur 04unigr.cur 04ciphertext)
    app exit status: 0xc0000135
    14:19:18 (5516): called boinc_finish

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