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Thread: Xansons

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    Re: Xansons

    And SUSA finished as the top team ... and is still adding to that lead

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    Re: Xansons

    Work is available again! Get it while we can!

    Quote Originally Posted by xansons
    3032 new structures were added for processing
    A bunch of new COD structures (for October and November 2017) was added to the project. From now on the updates will be more regular (about twice a month).

    Also, now the structure is considered processed by the user if the user calculated at least one diffraction pattern (x-ray or the neutron one, does not matter) for this structure. So, the numbers of processed COD entries are increased for all users. Now, it is also possible to view the complete list of the COD structures processed by the user (see 'view all' link near the number of processed COD entries). Note that displaying this list may take some time for the top participants who have 100,000+ structures processed.

    26 Nov 2017, 21:44:59 UTC

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