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Thread: LHC@Home (SixTrack): Phaseout of legacy site:

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    LHC@Home (SixTrack): Phaseout of legacy site:

    LHC@home has been consolidated and uses SSL for communication as mentioned in this thread last year.

    Some BOINC clients are still connecting to the old address, that will be phased out soon.

    If this is the case for you, please re-attach the project to the current LHC@home URL presented in the BOINC manager. ( will redirect your BOINC client to )

    For those who are still running an old BOINC 6 client, please upgrade to BOINC 7.2 or later. (The current BOINC client releases are 7.6.33 or 7.8.)

    Many thanks for your contributions to LHC@home!


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    Re: LHC@Home (SixTrack): Phaseout of legacy site:


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