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Thread: Planned outage

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    Planned outage

    So the internet was down at some places across the US this morning HERE.

    My next door neighbor's son is an Emergency Coordinator Manager for a city in TN and is tied into all the government organizations. He told his mother last week that there was going to be a internet outage this week. The Feds wanted to see what happens and what problems crop up if the internet goes down.

    Hmmm, I'm sure it was just a coincidence - yeah right!

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    Re: Planned outage

    I have been having problems for 2 days. download speeds are slower than dial up. I was downloading drivers for a 750ti video card after 30 min it was 78%, it was a 2.6mb download and the down load speed at the time was 2.9kb. the down load speed would get to 0 and the I had to restart it. i did get it downloaded but...I have pc matic pro running on this and spybot.

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    Re: Planned outage

    I've noticed an increase in productivity from our staff over the past couple of days. A lot fewer firewall alerts about inappropriate website access

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