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Thread: Had to cut system resources for Boinc

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    Had to cut system resources for Boinc

    I woke up one evening and the cooling fans were diming themselves. CPUs were getting hot so I cut them back from 80 to 70 percent of CPU resources. That fixed it.

    2009 Mac Pro upgraded to 5,1, 32g RAM, storage galore. They were cooking some stew the other night. This was Pogs.

    A question: Is there a way to get any kind of reports on what's being accomplished through the use of my particular computer? I can ID the projects.

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    Re: Had to cut system resources for Boinc

    You created a project account when you joined that project.
    You can see individual computer task info under your account on that project.

    If you are using the BOINC Manager, then:
    Click on and highlight the project name you wish under the "Projects" tab.
    Scroll the left column frame down until you see the "Your Account" button.
    Click the "Your Account" button and you will be taken to your account webpage on that project.
    It may ask you for the password you used to create the account. You can have the browser remember the password for this account if you wish, so it will go straight in the next time.
    Find and click on the link "View" to the right on the heading "Computers on this account" in the "Computing and credit" section.
    The page that comes next will show the active computers you have on the project, computer "Details", "Tasks", and credit info.

    Poke around and explore.

    Hope this helps and I hope I understood the question correctly.

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    Re: Had to cut system resources for Boinc

    And welcome to the Forum!

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