Hi Travis!

I don't know if this problem adheres to the server problem you mentioned, but I just found out that one of my computers seems to have worked 19 hours in vain on a task:

exact_genome_1516365302_53_13908 (wuid=2920751)

When I looked at the WorkUnit page:


I could see that the fourth computer that got a task in that WU timed out very early on Friday morning,
and my computer (#45069) started working on it very early at 02:55 this Sunday morning.

I wonder why the server didn't cancelled the whole WU, as it must have seen that the maximum number of task (5) could not possibly be met?
Then I wouldn't have spent 19 core-hours on it - all for nothing.
Instead the server sent me the task at 2:28:56 Friday morning - half an hour after that the computer 52865 timed out!!

Kindest regards,