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Thread: BOINC 7.10.2 and BoincTasks 1.73

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    BOINC 7.10.2 and BoincTasks 1.73

    I updated to BOINC 7.10.2 on all boxes currently running, but on the only box running BoincTasks 1.73 the GPU tasks stopped running. All of the GPU projects showed error messages in BT 1.73 that I needed to correct the Project Preferences. BOINC 7.10.2, by itself, ran the GPU WU's just fine. I reinstalled BOINC 7.8.3 on the box that was also running BT 1.73, started up BT 1.73, and no error messages; Enigma GPU tasks were once again crunching just fine. I'll try 7.10.2 on the box with BT again, but only after the Enigma Sprint.

    Edit: updated to BoincTasks 1.75. It still does not work with Boinc 7.10.2. All of the GPU projects show this message in the one box with BT:

    "5/29/2018 10:35:13 AM Your current settings do not allow tasks from this project. To fix this, you can change Project Preferences on the project's web site."

    The GPU for the one box with BT does not even show up on the GPU project web site under View Computers.

    Back to 7.8.3 on that one box.
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    Re: BOINC 7.10.2 and BoincTasks 1.73

    When I installed 7.10, the messages in BOINC said that my GPUs were missing. So I wend back to the earlier version, and everything worked fine.
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