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Thread: Hello!

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    Hello All,

    Shai (rhymes with 'pie') from NYC here.

    Green as they come - But awful pleased to be counted among those that help a little.

    Lifelong science, space and history buff, natch

    Happy to hear about any advice or suggestion from the community!

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    Re: Hello!

    Welcome Shai.

    There are some excellent resources here.
    Don't be afraid to ask questions.
    These folks like to help.

    Do you participate in the SETI project?
    That project is how this team got started, but there are more than 30 other projects active at any one time.
    They each have their own website and specific scientific or mathematical discipline.
    Many of the folks active on the forum are "crunching" something other than SETI.
    You might see some of the badges they have earned on their signature banners as you browse the forum.
    But crunching SETI is cool also.

    Again, welcome and visit often.

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    Re: Hello!

    Hi Shai and welcome to the forums.

    If you need help with anything then please feel free to ask!

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    Re: Hello!

    Hi Shai Glad to see you on the team and forum. Hope to see you often. There is a lot of help around here, just let it be know what you need and one of the smart guys around here will answer.
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