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Thread: Milkyway: PhD Thesis

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    Milkyway: PhD Thesis

    Hey Everyone,

    I just wanted to updated everyone on some of the current scientific work and results coming out of MilkyWay@home. These results can be found in my PhD thesis which I posted here.

    The major result from this work is that we have mapped 7 stellar streams in the Milky Way halo. We believe two of these streams are likely to newly discovered streams.

    These results would not have been possible without the contributions of the MilkyWay@home volunteers. Looking forward we hope to improve our mapping algorithms to find map new stellar streams and better fit those we have already found.

    Thank you.



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    Re: Milkyway: PhD Thesis

    Ouch. I hope he proofed his Thesis better than this post...

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    Re: Milkyway: PhD Thesis

    Education these days isn't what it used to be

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    Re: Milkyway: PhD Thesis

    Cool, keep it up.

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