Hey Everyone,

I put up a few new separation runs. You may notice that these have slightly different run times. The credit awarded should reflect the run time.

The run names are:

de_modfit_sim19fixed_bundle4_4s_NoContraintsWithDi sk260_1
de_modfit_sim19fixed_bundle4_4s_NoContraintsWithDi sk260_2
de_modfit_sim19fixed_bundle4_4s_NoContraintsWithDi sk260_3
de_modfit_sim19fixed_bundle6_2s_NoContraintsWithDi sk140_1
de_modfit_sim19fixed_bundle6_2s_NoContraintsWithDi sk140_2
de_modfit_sim19fixed_bundle6_2s_NoContraintsWithDi sk140_3

If you have any questions or issues, let me know.