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Thread: NFS@Home XS

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    NFS@Home XS

    Hi all,

    Thereís a big junk of 16e (130 credits) wus to process. Are we going to credit XS team since Iím seeing we are helping them on several other projects?


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    Re: NFS@Home XS

    In this case, if I were to run any NFS at all, I would still run under Seti.USA because we're pretty close together and neither is holding 2nd place (on a Gridcoin project) with a clear lead.

    This year, I'm pretty much devoting to attaining personal milestones. And if my focus project leaves Seti.USA far and away the leader in FB, I switch to XS for some "Thank You" points for all the help they've given us through the years. XS as a team seems to have more of a focus on FB this year than we're yet shown. I'm planning on running all FB Sprints for Seti.USA though, to see if that alone is enough to end up on the podium.

    It'll be hard this year to convince me to run anything I already have 100 Mil on, while there are other projects I still haven't hit that goal for.

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