As many of you have already noticed, we haven't had any work in awhile. I want to emphasize that MindModeling is still an active project, but we do not have control over when the scientists and engineers submit work. This natural variation is due to the funding, phase, and nature of these R&D projects. I appreciate your patience, and understanding as we go through these dry periods.

In other news, I'm sad to announce that several of the MindModeling staff have moved on, including Jack, Nathan, and Brandon. Olivia and I have taken their roles in the project's development and operation. While our predecessors taught us a great deal before they left, we have a great deal more to learn.

Olivia and I are both very excited to continue work on the project and to improve it where possible. To that end, we will be slowly rolling out updates for our scientists and engineers, as well as to our volunteers, in the coming year. We hope that these updates make MindModeling a more useful scientific tool, and thus attracts more work for our wonderful volunteers.

In that vein, we have decided to change our name from MindModeling@Home Beta to simply, MindModeling. Having been such a long-live project, it seemed time to ditch the 'beta' description. Some code is still being updated, however. So feel free to let us know if we missed a spot. :)

Finally, we have discussed updating the volunteer homepage and forums. Beside giving the pages a facelift, we have also discussed the problem of spam, and low-participation on the forums. It seems to me, that most discussion now happens elsewhere in larger, more active forums, or in private channels. While we realize this has been a useful place to connect and report issues, moderation takes time away other aspects of our jobs. Therefore, we are considering shutting the forums down, and providing a contact email address for issues and questions. We hope that this would provide more timely and direct responses, while freeing some of our time for other work. However, as a community project, we would like to hear from you first. So please let us know what you think either on the forums, or at josh.s.ziegler+mm@gmail.com

Thank you!