The project has passed the eighth year.

Compared with last years the following process was made:

2014-2015 - 1 base solved, 314 bases unstarted
2015-2016 - 5 bases solved, 297 bases unstarted
2016-2017 - 5 bases solved, 282 bases unstarted
2017-2018 - 1 base solved, 264 bases unstarted
2018-2019 - 6 bases solved, 218 bases unstarted
2019-2020 - 4 bases solved, 120 bases unstarted
2020-2021 - 3 bases solved, 101 bases unstarted
2021-2022 - 0 bases solved, 97 bases unstarted
in total - 25 bases solved, 97 bases unstarted

That was the worst year ever. Broken hardware parts, war and also a high inflation after corona which affects the costs.

The llr application has been replaced by the llr2, less work and no unnecessary doublechecks but with less performance. Intel ARC is now supported,
cuda12 apps for 4xxx cards are in progress.

The project has almost completed the 73-74bit lvl at TF, 74-75bit is in progress, which is now taking considerably more time.
The new CRUS goals for 2023 are available and some have already been set up.

I wish you all a healthy new year 2023 and of course healthy hardware!