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Thread: Hello. I am newbie

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    Hello. I am newbie

    Hello. I am newbie. Thank you for accepting me into your community. Astronomy, physics, climate modeling are very interesting for me. I want to become useful for you and find interesting useful information for myself.

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    Re: Hello. I am newbie

    Hi Peter, great to hear from you and thanks for joining the team! Some of the best projects that I like for helping those goals are Einstein@Home and Milkyway. You can add either of those projects to your BOINC program and please join Team SETI.USA on them if you like!
    I'm sure others will pitch in their ideas on good ones to support as well. Please let us know if you have any questions or just want to chat about distributed Computing in general.

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    Re: Hello. I am newbie

    hi Peter in case you haven't found it on our front page is a listing of all the projects, at least I hope it is up to date. they are listed by the type of project they are. it may be very helpful for you in finding projects you would like. stop by often and yea thanks for joining us.[/url]

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