The time has come to inform you about what will happen next with the Universe@Home project.

As you know, Krzysztof Belczyński was the initiator and lead scientist of the project - he was the head of our small team. His sudden passing caused a bit of chaos, which we are gradually trying to manage. Unfortunately, the latest changes in the application code that were being implemented also disappeared with him. For this reason, as well as the necessity to introduce changes to the application code that had been planned for some time, we have decided to temporarily suspend the generation of new WUs.

As of today, we already know that Universe@Home will not end - it is being taken under the wing of Prof. Tomasz Bulik ( Nevertheless, we must ask for your patience; at this moment, the most important thing is to manage the organizational and formal matters and to work on the changes in the code. This should take us two to three months.

I will keep you updated.