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Thread: Astronomy event

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    Astronomy event

    I am no astronomy enthusiast, i'm sure we have far more educated/informed people around here.. this just isn't their astronomy place.. Anyways please correct me as applicable.

    NASA, a few months ago, said we should be experience an astronomical event this year, as a star goes "nova" (rather than Supernova?).

    The star in question is T Coronae Borealis (afaik) in the constellation Corona Borealis. Sometimes called the Blaze star or North Crown. For me, in the NW of USA, it is currently in the SE sky at about 40-50deg (halfway from horizon to verticle).

    I'm now aware of it because there seems to be some activity, and amateur astronomers are now live streaming it. Again, AFAIK, it's 3000 light years away, so i have no idea how they predict this stuff but they're calling it a "Once in a century" event. Hopefully it is spectacular and caught on video.

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    Re: Astronomy event

    This article will give some pretty good basic info on the event

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