We welcome you to our message board. We created this board for open discussions. Feel free to post!!

We would like to encourage a forum that people feel free to participate. We also realize that a few guidelines must be created (although we hate rules!!)

1. Follow the Forum structure: We would like the Forums to be as organized as possible for the benefit of our members. Please try to insure your post is made in an appropriate forum related to your topic.

2. No inappropriate language: Basically anyone (from minors to age 65+) can become a member & might read your posts so you should be careful about the language you use when trying to share your thoughts & ideas with your fellow members and guests.

3. No Illegal File Sharing or Selling: This forum is not the place for requesting, searching for or the buying or selling of illegal/warez/pirated copies of copyrighted content/material. Any posts that reference ways of obtaining, asking for or offering for sale such content will be moderated or removed on sight, no questions asked.

If you absolutely *must* discuss something that could be potentially considered as illegal or infringing, take it off the boards.

4. No Flaming, Insults, Personal Attacks: Flaming is a mean-spirited cheap shot at another member or a member's post. Personal attacks on someone just because of a disagreement with their point of view will not be tolerated. Responding to a Flame is just as bad as having flamed someone yourself. If someone comes into a thread and posts comments that you deem "flaming" then report them.

5. No Spam/Advertising: If we discover a post/member that is suspected to be spam, our forum moderators will determine if it is, and will be removed from the board immediately. EXCEPTION: If an active team member would like to show fellow members a link or their site this will be allowed, within reason. Our no spam/advertising policy also includes profiles and signatures. Any spam or advertising images within a member's profile or signature are prohibited. If any member discovers a violation of this rule, please contact moderators/admin so a determination can be made as quickly as possible.

6. If you believe something violates site or forum rules for posting, assist us in running the site by using the “Report this post” button at the bottom of the offending post. Don't enter the fray, please, or you become part of the problem.

We do not want to be a dictatorship, but if one fails (continuously) to follow these guidelines, he/she will first receive a warning. If a member chooses to continue this behavior, a temporary lock will be placed upon their profile. And if this behavior continues, their profile will be removed and possibly their IP will be banned.

If a member is witness to these behaviors, please contact our moderators or admin, and we will investigate the issue and take action, if necessary.

It may seem harsh but we want to promote an entertaining and enjoyable forum for our members.

If anyone has suggestions/comments feel free to post in Website / Forums.

Thanks!!! and enjoy!!!