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Thread: Ideologias: account creation disabled

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    Ideologias: account creation disabled

    Let me say it again: Even if you don't plan on crunching for a project, get your account created right anyway, and right away. This is for all projects, not just new ones.

    Server max capability reached / Alcanzada capacidad máxima del servidor
    from Ideologias@Home: News
    Due to the number of volunteers and hosts that have joined us in the last days, looks like our (modest) server has reached its maximum capability and is not able to serve work units at the required pace. We are forced to disable the account creation by now.

    Debido al número de voluntarios y ordenadores que se nos han unido, parece que nuestro (modesto) servidor ha alcanzado su máxima capacidad y no es capaz de servir tareas al ritmo debido. Nos vemos forzados a desabilitar la creación de cuentas por ahora.
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    Re: Ideologias: account creation disabled

    And, it's open again...

    Looks like the problems we suffered the last days have been solved. Our work generator had a bug. We fixed it and raised the number of WU in the cache, so now WUs are flowing as expected. Account creation has been re-enabled. We also upgraded a little bit our HW and have now a double Xeon.

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    Re: Ideologias: account creation disabled

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxwell View Post
    And, it's open again... if you don't already have an account...

    ...get one!

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    Re: Ideologias: account creation disabled

    account created.

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