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Thread: Magnetism@home update: Project alive

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    Magnetism@home update: Project alive

    There are a bunch of links in the post that I didn't take the time to copy over. So go read the post if you are interested.

    Metastable states.
    Sep 11, 2011
    The last run with antialiasing had enough precision to resolve (at least some of) the metastable states. In particular, it allows to build the region of existence of metastable vortices: map_0.5, map_1.0, map_1.5. These three maps correspond to different comparison tolerances (in percents) in the algorithm for metastable state detection (the lower barriers are considered passable). As one can see, the dependence on the tolerance in most regions on the map is rather small to make it sound. This result is new, because the boundary does not completely fit any of the known partial results for the vortex stability line. Right now I'm working on analytical model to supplement this numerical map. There will be no new WUs for some time, probably. This is because in the light of the new developments in the underlying theory the program will have to be significantly modified, to cover much wider array of cases. (moreover, there are even further developments, which I'm readying for publication right now). But, even if there are no new WUs for a while, please consider the project alive. Numerical calculations constitute only a part of it, the smaller part.
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    Re: Magnetism@home update: Project alive

    The way I see it, the research project may still be alive, but the BOINC project died when they stopped sending out work and that was a long time ago and since it will be a long long time before they create a new app, I still consider this project dead.
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    Re: Magnetism@home update: Project alive

    This was one of my favorite projects when I first started.

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