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Thread: Neurona has work again

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    Neurona has work again


    Please be aware that, due to the nature of the network being simulated, this project requires a HUGE amount of RAM, between 3 and 6 Gigabytes per Work Unit, and quite likely this quantity will increase in the next months as the investigation goes further. You will need a suitable 64 bit Linux or Windows PC (due to the RAM requirements there is no 32 bit worker available). Because of this, subscription to this project is made only by invitation code upon request of the volunteer.

    Message 180 - Posted 15 Oct 2011 22:06:57 UTC
    Dear friends,

    After analysing the results from this Summer, the model has been found not very conclusive but still intriguing.

    The best result was found in the test number #464108. This solution allowed the model to evolve for some time with no metal activity extinction in a very irregular but interesting pattern.

    Maybe the general model using inhibition and excitation is not able to reach a periodic pattern but only a chaotic one. This is unexpected and, somehow, a drawback with respect to my expectations, but could allow us to tune the model to follow a real EEG.

    Here I have a number of new WUs to try. They are, somehow, special. They are designed to explore the upper limit of the network connectivity, and this implies that they are going to require more RAM, between 4 and 16 GB, so get prepared. As I wrote in a past post, is like having a look to the dark side of the Moon. Never thought I would be able to model them, but with your support it will be possible to see what is in there.

    In the following days I will make available small sets of WUs to ensure that they run smoothly. Also I will try with different ratios of redundancy to study how the credits work with the new computation times.

    I count on you, as always, and thank you for your support.

    I'll be right here for you.


    However, I think the projects lets you run only 1 task at a time. So you won't need up to 64gb of RAM (16gb x 4 tasks) on a quad core (for example).
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    Re: Neurona has work again

    Quote Originally Posted by zombie67 View Post

    However, I think the projects lets you run only 1 task at a time. So you won't need up to 64gb of RAM (16gb x 4 tasks) on a quad core (for example).

    Anyone know the invite code?
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