Featured Production: "Final Destiny"
from Open Rendering Environment (ORE) - by prodigal_son
I'm really sorry I managed to miss this before, but two weeks on the road (Poland, the Netherlands and and the UK) took its toll. As hopefully many of you had noticed already, Sad El Imam Sad (alias Jackred) managed to finish his short "Final Destiny" a week ago. Sad used extensively in his workflow and credited the service in the end credits. Yours truly also received some (undeserving) credits and for anybody planning to do shorts here you really don't need to put my name there - I'll post all completed bigger productions on the front page, ok?

Anyway lets give a big cheer for Jackred for having finished one of the first short films (if not the first ever) in history using volunteer computing! This means we all participated in helping him to finish his film - now if that's not cool I don't know what is.