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Thread: RCN hacked to death!

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    RCN hacked to death!

    Originally posted on the old boards by Polynesia:
    RCN project terminated :

    Posted 10 Nov 2010 14:39:03 UTC

    Dear boinc community,

    on the 7th of November our server fell victim to a hacking attack. The only damage in this context was (luckily) done to my non-existing reputation as a server-admin. Nevertheless it would be irresponsible to let the server online the way it is now.

    Unluckily we lack the personal and financial ressources to reconfigurate the server and adapt boinc to close the security leak.

    We adapted the firewall settings to prevent at least the kind of attack we experienced this time, however there is no guarantee that not another approach is successfull at a later point.
    Thus we will for the next few days leave the server online only during day-time when we can have an eye on it.
    We will try to collect all the workunits that are still out there and provide the respective credits. However there will be no new workunits, as soon as the current WU queue is empty.

    The project is almost finished, and its a shame that we have to cancel the shared computing at this point, but blame the hacker community.
    However we will finish the rest of the computation locally, and keep you informed about progress as good as possible.

    Thank you for your support and CPU power,
    Greetings, Wolfgang

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    Re: RCN hacked to death!

    Well, congrats to Mumps for making his 2.5M there before the project went away...

    I'm really sorry to see it go, though.

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