Tomar Castle (Christ Convent)

Born from the donation of Waxes Castle and its term to the Templars, by D. Afonso Henriques in 1159. The territory was crossed to the south by the river taking with a fertile valley limited to the west by a chain of high topography of hills. It was one of those hills, overlooking the river, founded by Master D. Gualdim Pais in 1160, the castle and town of Tomar.

The castle consists of a ring of walls surrounding the hill. Two wall curtains divided on the inside into three precincts. In the southern part of the fortress, it stood the village hall, where today is the orangery. To the north, in the highest part of the hill was established military house of the Templars, flanked to the east by the Master's house, the Alcazaba with its keep, and to the west by the oratory of knights, Separating these two precincts a third, the vast yard of the castle, now landscaped space.