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Thread: Duke the menace

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    Re: Duke the menace

    It is not very often I say something here, but Duke must be experiencing a lot of emotions right now. I am with you Duke in my prayers.

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    Re: Duke the menace

    Quote Originally Posted by myshortpencil View Post
    Duke_B's father, Major General Arnaldo Manuel de Medeiros Ferreira, age 91, died a few hours ago after having lunch with Duke_B and his twin brother. His mother died last month. Anna, his wife, is scheduled for a Cesarean on March 21 for twin girls. Our full panoply of emotions are with Duke_B and his family.
    Thank you Myshortpencil, in fact my father died after a bit less than a month after my mother, it was not expected because he seem a healthy strong person, he died on Sunday at 5PM after having lunch with me and my brother. It was quite difficult to accept because it was not expected. On Saturday he told me crying that mother was calling him and he needed to go, those words still echo on my mind and will do it while I am alive, things that science can not explain because for me father died of love to go to her love (my mother) after 70 years together, hope they both are in peace and together. The 2 lady twins were born and everything went fine, what makes my world better, they seem perfect from the small fingers to the nose, I hope they are as beautiful as hers mother.

    Quote Originally Posted by cineon_lut View Post
    Wow, sorry to hear the news. Sounds like great lives for those who passed, and wishing great lives for those on their way. All my best, @duke

    Vic (mobile)
    Thank you Vic, great lives lived with great love for a couple that was together for so long and the last thing my mother did before coma was to kiss my father on the lips. It was very beautiful to see, an example I cant forget. Do you think that still are couples like that?
    Twins were born and people say they are like mother or have my nose, for me they seem like nothing maybe rats but I love my 2 ladies, they will grow to be women and two more reason for me to stay alive.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cruncher Pete View Post
    It is not very often I say something here, but Duke must be experiencing a lot of emotions right now. I am with you Duke in my prayers.
    Thank you also to you Cruncher Pete, I had my time of sorrow twice and it will be in my soul for very long and I had my time of happiness with my 2 small ladies and my wife very well, the truth is everything has is own time. If we were eternal life would have not the same meaning, the same colors, the same sounds, the same flavors, if we could live forever we would be very different, we would see life not as a passage we would not live with the same intensity. Now is time to move on and keep loving life trying always to make it the best.
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