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Thread: What, no SimOne?

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    What, no SimOne?

    Can a group and RSS please be added for SimOne?

    Latest news:

    One month after the birth of the project we are pleased to announce the great strides made ​​so far:
    1) We have obtained stable application for Linux operating systems both 32 and 64-bit multithreaded;
    2) We have the official support of the research group in Molecular Modelling, University of Milan;
    3) The project is already beginning to produce results, soon I hope to write a few pages of explanation;
    4) We are being developed for the application windows, even with different problems, but we're on the right path.
    So thanks to all of you who support this project!
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    Re: What, no SimOne?

    Quote Originally Posted by zombie67 View Post
    Can a group and RSS please be added for SimOne?

    Latest news:
    Well I added the sub-forum but for the RSS I'm getting the same error as GPUGrid's "XML Error: Space required at Line 4".

    Would you mind posting on their forum and see what they say?

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